If you need residential loads ...
If you need commercial loads ...
If you haven't a lot of time to waste...
This Is Your Software!

hvac cooling software Easily calculates both Heat Loss and Heat Gain
hvac cooling software Explains how to size Furnaces and Air Conditioners
hvac cooling software Includes Duct Sizing and Hot-Water Baseboard sizing
hvac cooling software Clear uncluttered screens for entering house information.
hvac cooling software Simple, just follow the on screen numbered steps.
hvac heating software Help, right on screen, where and when you need it.
hvac heating software Think Ahead technology anticipates your next move, saves you precious time.
hvac heating software All construction data is presented on screen, in english, no code numbers, no searching, no scrolling.
hvac heating software Includes Mobile Home load calculations
hvac heating software Error messages are clear but don't force you to change your preferred order of adding information.
hvac heating software Think Ahead technology automatically pre-selects the construction type, based on your past preferences.
hvac heating software See the entire structure of the house at a glance, easy to spot any missing components.
hvac heating software Check the load of any individual item immediately.
hvac heating software View the Whole House load as you go, watch it grow as you add components.
hvac software for heating and cooling loads Full color manual, over 20 full size, color screen shots.
hvac software for heating and cooling loads Automatically saves your work as you do it.
hvac software for heating and cooling loads Each job is saved with a full name and address, date modified as well as an unlimited comment; no cryptic file names to try and remember



Here are some comments from HVAC-Calc users:

  • "Thanks for a great product. It does what it says it will and makes a tedious task almost fun.."

  • "Don, the demo was a joy to use!! The easiest program I've found! Here's my $389 for Residential 4.0."

  • "If you can use a tape measure, you can use your program."

  • "The data entry is straight forward and follows a logical path."

  • "I was looking for a better loss/gain program. Demoed the XXX program... consider it junk. Bought XXX softwares program at the recommendation of local Wholesaler... Another piece of junk. Loads are WAY OFF using that program. Downloaded your program... LOVED IT... Bought it"

  • "It was very easy to use after a few minutes of getting familiar with it."

  • "X_________X has too many buttons and icons. Again, lots of fluff and colors, but harder to use in my opinion."

  • "The wall entry feature is very handy in HVAC-Calc, especially when you have multiple wall constructions as I did."

  • "the data for my house input nicely, the reports popped up nicely, and it has yet to gpf or bust -- wow!!"

  • "For me, your program was easy to figure out and use. I used the room-by-room approach when it probably would have been easier to do the whole-house method. Your sample house calculation was a useful tool for me to verify that I was doing things correctly."

  • "I downloaded at least 6 demos and yours was the easiest to use by far and the easiest to get the right answer."

  • "Your program seems to me to be very user friendly. Keep up the good work."

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If you are a York, Lennox Rheem RUUD Carrier Bryant Trane Armstrong Janitrol Goodman Coleman dealer then SOFTWARE from HVAC Computer Systems for Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors is the way to do Heat Loss Heat Gain Calculations for forced air or plumbing or hot water systems