HVACR Heat loss heat gain calculations, duct sizing, refrigeration HVACR Heat loss heat gain calculations, duct sizing, refrigeration HVACR Heat loss heat gain calculations, duct sizing, refrigeration

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Read what other people in the HVAC Industry have to say about HVAC-Calc 4.0

Dan - Kiel, WI
Don, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the HVAC-Calc 4.0 upgrade!!!!!! Hvac-Calc 3.0 was (is) a great program,and I wasn't sure that it paid to upgrade. Then it dawned on me that if HVAC-Calc 3.0 was so nice, then HVAC-Calc 4.0 had to be better!!!!!!! All of the added features of HVAC-Calc 4.0 are definitely a bonus to the program. For the most part I am a residental contractor, but I had to try the HVAC-Calc Commercial 4.0 version to see what it was like (I did a calc on my church), WOW!!!,just as easy to use as the residental version! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing what you can come up with next! Thanks.
Richard - Baltimore, MD
The program is very good. I especially liked the manual - it was very well thought out and easy to understand. I'm going to recommend this program to all the HVAC contractors I deal with. Thanks
Phillip - Raleigh, NC
Your Residential Program is the best thing out since flex duct was invented. Very easy to use and view. I will share the news of your company with my colleagues and competitors. . . .
Paul - Many, LA
Don I tried your demo out and xxxxx's out and I find your heat load program to be alot easier to use. When I use the whole heat load program it only took 30 min. In 45 min I done calculation of both ways, the long and short. I would recommend this program to any one who is in the business.
Jack - Oshawa, Ont.
Just to let you know that I received the HVAC-Calc Commercial 4.0 manual & disks in good condition on Feb. 21 - very nice binder! Thanks. The program is a real time saver and so easy to use!
Michael - Amherst, NY
As a consultant in the computer technology field, I rarely find a program that is as intuitive and well designed as yours is. This is especially true considering the data complexity, and large volume of data required before calculating system requirements! As an electrical engineer and former small business owner, I can see where this would be a tremendous benefit to contractors!
Nathan - Sagamore Beach, MA
I wanted to let you know your program is great I can calc a house get the size of the unit and distribute air in a quarter of the time as it used to when i did it by hand or used my old DOS based program.
If the commercial calc is anything like the residential then you have another sale.
Brian - Idaho Falls, ID
Thanks Don for the user friendly program. I've been in the hvac business all my life and have always done things by hand. Since I've been in business for myself I have tried a few different programs only to leave me tired and confused. Your program took me about twenty five minutes to figure out. Not only would I like to purchase the residential version but put me down for the commercial versions also.
Anthony - Erial, NJ
Don...Just want to say that your help and your program is the best and so simple to use. It has already paid for itself, and my customers like the no guess work, about sizing of equipment......Again thanks for all your help!
David - Madison, NC
Just a note to let you know that I mailed you a check in the amount of $389.00, after we spoke on the phone. I love your product, and after looking at some others as well, find that there is no comparison. Please let me know when you have a commercial program available!!
Donald - Holliston, MA
I am most grateful for the trial version of your software. I feel that it is very well done and extremely easy to use, even for a novice like me. If you can measure with a tape measure, you can use your software.
Mel - Riverside, CA
I have to comment on your program. I just finished a very complicated Tri-Level, 3000 sq. ft. home in record time. Describing your program as intuitive is great but doesn't touch the satisfied feeling I and others must share when we complete a task such as this!
Again, your unexpected free program update was a surprise. You must know your philosophy of customer care is unbelievable!
Tom - Joppa, Maryland
I think that you are very accurate with your claims that claim that HVAC-Calc is extremely easy to use and "Contractor Friendly". It's nice to see something that actually does what it is hyped to do. It is the fastest, easiest and most fun that I have had doing a "Manual" J. It is very interesting to see immediate results changing parmeters for R Values, window sizes, etc. I checked your program with calculations that I have done manually and the results were very similar in about 1/3 of the time.
Malcolm - Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Thanks for making the change to the program I asked about. I was not expecting this kind of service. It is refreshing to find someone that will take the time to do the little things to help someone else out. Thanks again.
Todd - Newton, NC
"I'm not much on computers yet. And the demo is the best that I have tried. It's too easy, almost. I really like how quick I can go though the program."
Bill - Baltimore, MD
Before I purchased you said toll-free 7 day a week support. I thought sure, call outside business hours and get voice mail with a callback the next day maybe. I have called twice now, once with a question and once after I lost my hard-drive, both times on Saturday! Both times I received excellent tech support, no voice mail! I used to use xxxx - their program required a lot more support and it was hard to get, not toll free, either. I'd rather deal with you guys any day.
David - Robbinsville, New Jersey
"I downloaded HVAC-Calc and program is working fine. I also downloaded a demo program called ______. Just to let you know, your program is infinitely more intuitive!"
Dimitrios - Manchester, NH
"About your program, I love it. I've used many different software for mechanical-type design; pretty much everything, and they do get quite expensive. I must say, I enjoyed the simplicity that your HVAC-Calc gave. I did a design calculation for a 4600 sq. ft. house in about 20 mins. That was before I read the manual or even looked at the whole program. I just went right into it and was able to use it without any forsight whatsoever. Very nice. For it's simplicity and price it is the BEST!"
Mike - Pahrump, Nevada
"In the last couple of days, I have downloaded and tried 4 programs, and found way too many Icons and Tabs to end up with the same results, not to mention the huge price difference. Your Software seems to cut through the crap and give me what I need. I input a 3000 square foot house in 1 hour and 15 minutes on my first trial. Yours is the only software that is worth buying, I 'll be sending you a check. Thanks for making it simple!"
Robert - Glen Burnie, Maryland
I absolutely love your program! It is BY FAR the easiest load program available, or at least out of all the ones I test drove. And the after_the_sale support is bar none, top notch, which is real important to me!!!
Jack - Columbus, Ohio
"Your hvac-calc program downloaded without any problem at all. I was surprised at how easy your program is to work with. Thank you for creating a program so easy to work with and so powerful."
Arthur - Coconut Creek, Florida
"I always said a program should be put together by someone in the business. Today I received your manual & disk. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The manual comes with a nice holder, it is so simple that anyone especially in the ac business, should be able to follow it. This is the first manual that I could follow. I have had others, even if I knew the subject but found them difficult to follow, but yours is easy. Your manual is refreshing and your program is super good."
Ronald - San Antonio, Texas
The download went fine. I used your program on my own residence. It was exceptional. Because I am an engineer, I found it to be technically "user friendly." I would highly recommend to it to any HVAC contractor. Thanks.
Chris - Kitty Hawk, NC
"I love your program and have been playing with it I find it easy to use. I'm a small heating contractor on the Outer Banks of NC. This program is the easist i've tried so far and i've tried quite a few, and discarded them because i could do loads faster using the manual J and doing it longhand. I love your program!"
Mark - Livingston, Montana
"I am an electrical engineer and can appreciate your grand efforts in producing a top quality software tool for industry professionals. I have written software and know that it takes a huge effort to produce such a good product. I would not hesitate to purchase your software package."
Jack - Fredonia, New York
"It's a very easy click and go program for heat loss and gain. The best I have seen!! We sure need a win95 based program this easy!!!!"
Mike - Albuquerque, New Mexico
"The program is very well layed out and clean. You really have a great product on you hands."
Gordon - Surrey, British Columbia
"I wanted to let you know the download and installation were both successful. I have tried HVAC-Calc and found it to be a very easy to use program and quite intuitive in the way data is entered."
Dale - Corvallis, Oregon
"I am happy to say that everything went well. Not being very computer literate, my daughters are trying to teach me, I still manage to do a few things. I have tried, through my company, Lennox's program with not much success. All I really did was spend a lot of hours of my own time at home trying to figure out the programs. I really like your program the best . Very easy to use and clear to my layman's way of thinking."
Steve - Gilbertsville, Kentucky
I sat down with your program the other night and in a few minutes was up and running. I figured the heating and cooling load for a house I am building in a very short time frame. I found the program very intuitive and easy to use.
Berry - League City, TX
"Just want you to know that you are right, this product is just better. I have worked some with the demo I downloaded a couple of weeks ago. I like it very much. I also agree that if you want to be safe, than a load calc should be done."
Fred - Nepean, Ontario
"Exceptionaly well thought out and easy to use"
Stephen - La Junta, Colorado
"I used HVAC-Calc for the trial period and found it to be very good. I was told that we already had in house similar software(Right Suite). I have been using, or at least trying to use the Right Suite software this week and find it not nearly as easy to use as HVAC-Calc.

I would like to show others here the difference and hopefully they might decide to change over."

Bob - Boscawen, New Hampshire
"I must admit I tried your product and found it to be more than I had expected for the price, and would love to have it in my collection of programs. It was most creative and useful."
John - Orange, California
"Finally I happen on your site with your excellent program. I spent only an hour last night and figured out the whole house.

I am very impressed with your program"

Roy - Newnan, Georgia
Just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how much I enjoy using the load calc. program. The ability to edit and change components on the fly to show the customer advantages of different amounts of insulation in construction is a blessing. The printed reports give me a professional finished proposal to hand the customer. Thnaks again for a great piece of easy to use software at a very afforable price.
Tim - Henderson, Tennessee
"I am really impressed with the ease of operating your program. After using Right-J I did have to retrain myself a little but it is much easier and faster."
Sean - Norfolk, Virginia
"As far as the program goes, I have found that it is like you said easy to use. I am use to using using an older program called HCB and HVAC-Calc smokes it."
Erik - Katy, TX
"I downloaded it and tranfered it to JC's computer and it works great. He seems to really like it, what I want to know is if he buys it do I get a commission? :-) Just kidding. I took a look at it also from a programmers viewpoint and you really have things squared away. I especially like how the help appears at the top right hand corner instead of where you are typing. I used to work for a York (c) distributer here in Houston, TX and know how these are supposed to work. Your program seems to me to be very user friendly. Keep up the good work."
Steve - Lexington Park, Maryland
"Hi Don - I had a chance to try your program over the weekend, but not to the extent that I wanted to. I must say that it is so much easier than Elite that it makes me want to keep going when my body says it is time to go to bed. I really like the fact that I can shift from room to room with out completely finishing the room I'm in. In the Elite program you can not leave a room with out completing it. That is bad when you are discussing the process of how we come up with our determination as to what a customer needs in their home. I also like the tree on your program, it makes it nice that I can at a glance see what I have already done on a set of plans. I will keep you posted on the out come of the rest that I have to learn about your program."
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